Hi! I’m Sarah.

Here for the big juicy transformations!

If you’re looking to make a business or lifestyle change that feels scary, you’re in the right place. 

I’m a life coach with a passion for supporting people through big, scary transformations. I’m also a reformed people pleaser, a current personal-development junkie and a recent self-love convert.

I’m into all things well-being and was talking about polyvagal theory + nervous system calming way before it became fashionable (thanks to my past life as a brain-based chiropractor). 

From choosing homebirth after emergency caesarean, to moving round the country with my soldier hubby (and solo parenting while he’s away!) to supporting practice members through health challenges, I’ve seen amazing transformations made over the years. All of them started with a conscious choice to mix things up.

My career transformation happened in 2021. I had cancer in my appendix and was told I needed a pretty massive surgery. Life had become stressful. I loved my practice but I wasn’t practising what I preached. The stress of juggling business, army life + two kids without family help was causing my body to go into protective mode i.e. cancer.

To regain my health I had to overhaul my life.

Big. Scary. Transformation.

Let’s break some rules…

If it doesn’t make sense, I won’t do it. And it’s always been this way:

At school – bright but bored. I only turned up to detentions I thought I deserved.

At college – I convinced the college to let me skip my psychology classes + teach myself but still take the exams.

At work – changed from chiropractor to coach, to align with the lifestyle I wanted for myself.

At home – we pulled our kids out of mainstream education to unschool them. I’m a huge advocate for creating your reality. I’m also living proof that it’s totally do-able!


What’s the big deal with coaching?

I’d been coaching, mentoring + teaching other chiropractors for a couple of years before I signed up for my super duper ICF accredited Professional Diploma training.

I’m the kinda person who likes to go deep on things, and learn from the best. So while some people think there’s no point being accredited, I’m always striving to bring excellence to what I do, and training is a big part of that.

While I’m still training, you can take advantage of reduced fee coaching with me!

Give Overwhelm The Finger

Learn how to stop trying to do it all and focus on what really matters.

The #1 thing new clients think they need is more hours in the day. Here’s what you actually need:


To take back your attention + focus.


To step away from the soul suckers.


To stop being so mean to yourself!

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