Baby Massage

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Why baby massage?

Baby massage has been used for centuries by parents, for many different reasons. Some of them are backed by research, some aren’t, but there’s something pretty spectacular about the connection between a baby and his/her carer as they enjoy their massage experience.

Some of the more commonly recognised benefits for baby include:

  • Improved digestion – relief from colic, trapped wind & constipation
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Less irritability
  • Breastfeeding easier
  • Helps mum with PND symptoms

Group Classes In Your Home

You’ll spend 4 weeks in a row with your chosen friends, getting to know the massage strokes while having a cup of tea and a natter in the comfort of your home.

This is an ideal opportunity for you and a couple of friends to get together with your babes, and make some memories.

You don’t need to battle the traffic into town, or worry that the church hall will be too cold for your semi-naked little lovely (note: I’m a reptile, and I hate cold buildings!)

Just a little bit of pampering for your babies, a little bit of sanity for you and your friends, and a whole load of nurturing from me to you.


Massage In Your Home

Available within 3 miles of Merville Barracks

Days, times & prices:

Baby massage classes are best done in the mornings, as most babies aren’t really up to it in the afternoon. I would arrive between 9:30-10:30, depending on where you live, and what time’s best for you.

Group Series

4 Weeks
  • Split the cost between you and your friends – as many as you can squeeze into your front room
  • Comfortable surroundings of your (or your friend’s) warm home!
  • Organic massage oil and printed handouts provided for reference
  • Get baby massage online for just £10 (usually £30)

Not feeling the group class?

Would you prefer to take the course privately, or to have a one on one session to get some additional support? Maybe you have twins or triplets, and other instructors won’t allow you to enjoy the class without another adult. You might have a sibling at home that you can’t take to a class with you. Perhaps your baby was born prematurely and you’re not quite ready for them to mix with other little ones, but still want them to experience the benefits of massage.

A single hour long session will allow me to work with you to figure out the best strokes for you and your little one, and will cost £60. It’s what I did with a baby massage instructor when my eldest was born prematurely, and it made the world of difference to my confidence levels.

Whatever your reason, just drop me a line below and we’ll figure out a time that works for us both.

What about weekends?

Family time is really important to me – that’s why I don’t really do weekends as a matter of course. If you want to bring your partner up to speed, you can purchase my online baby massage course at a reduced rate of just £10 if you take any of the in person courses yourself.

If you really want a weekend session, these are available at a premium. On a Saturday or Sunday, an hour long session will cost £120.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

All your oils and massage handouts will be provided for you to keep. You’ll need to bring a towel (or possibly two) in case of the likely accidents that come with massaging the tummy area. It’s also worth bringing wipes, a spare nappy and a change of clothes just in case. You’ll be on the floor, so you may prefer to bring a cushion to sit on too.

How many will be in a class?

It depends on you – how many people + babies could you fit *comfortably* into your living room? Most people can fit 3-4, but bear in mind you will want a bit of space. If you’re packed in like sardines, nobody’s gonna enjoy it!!

What age can my baby start?

Honestly, you can start to massage your baby from the moment he/she is born. However, it’s recommended that the two of you enjoy the first few precious weeks at home, without any commitments as you get to know each other. Usually babies attend a massage class after you’ve both been given the all clear at the GP 6-8week check.

What if my baby cries?

Then you won’t be the only one! I can pretty much guarantee that every baby will cry at some point during the four weeks! It’s a baby led class, so if your baby isn’t happy, simply pick them up, give them a cuddle/feed/clean nappy until they’re happy to get back to being massaged. Each baby will have a different threshold, and it’s one of the reasons we build it up each week rather than jumping straight in to a full body sequence!

Isn't an hour a bit long to massage a baby?

Yup! Initially it would be complete overwhelm for your poor baby, but you’ll soon be able to build up to an hour with lots of home practice if you choose to. Each class is an hour, but this is made up of massage and chat time. The amount of time spent massaging will increase each week, as your baby gets used to the sensation, and as you learn more strokes.

Is there an upper age limit?

You can massage your baby until he/she is a grown up! But, for the sake of everyone in the class, if your baby is on the move already or even just trying to crawl, you’re probably better off looking at the online or individual options instead. A mobile baby can be very distracting in a group environment.

Prefer to do this in your PJs? No problem!

If you’ve changed your mind about wanting an in-person class, that’s cool. The online course may be a better option for you. You can sit at home in your PJs and not even have to think about washing the sick out of your hair. Winner!

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