Bespoke Pregnancy Coaching

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Bespoke Pregnancy Coaching

Designed for women entering pregnancy, feeling totally overwhelmed.

You want to overhaul your lifestyle and be as healthy as possible for your little one, but with all the conflicting advice, it’s a nightmare to know where to begin. You know that everything you eat, drink & think in pregnancy affects your baby. You just don’t know which advice to take.

You’ve usually got everything nailed and organised down to a T but this whole pregnancy thing is just alien to you. With some sneaky meditation on the morning commute, you can normally get through your worries, but this is different. This 9 months matters. It sets the scene for your kiddo’s whole future, and the pressure is driving you nuts.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You’re about to realise that you’re not alone! You can finally find your tribe, feel supported and hugely increase the chance of having the birth you want!

What You’ll Get

As a pregnancy coaching client, you’ll get the Healthy Pregnancy, Happy Baby course online and 1 video call a week, for a period of 8 weeks.

Each call will last around 30-40 minutes, and we will aim to follow the content of the course modules as you receive them. That said, we can discuss anything you want – relationships, health, pregnancy & birth.

The content of each call will be bespoke to you and your group’s needs and concerns.

You choose whether you’d prefer to join the group sessions, or if private 1:1 sessions would be more up your street.

In addition to the calls, you get unlimited email support. If you need to rant, if you have a wobble, or if you are looking for something and need a quick nudge in the direction of a book or a specialist or anything else you think I might be able to help with. I’m here for you!

Healthy Pregnancy, Happy Birth course

Learn the essentials of a happy healthy pregnancy: we’ll cover nutrition, supplements, exercise, balancing emotions, optimal positioning, birth preferences, & you’ll even make a plan for your postnatal period.

Everything you need will be handed to you on a plate – ready for you to do the work!

Clear Goals For You

This coaching programme was created for you with the end in mind. The end = how you feel about your pregnancy and birth after the event.

I want you to go through your pregnancy feeling knowledgeable, supported, encouraged, loved & heard. I want you to radiate health, energy & vitality throughout your 40ish weeks. I want you to enter your birth ready and excited to enjoy every minute (even the painful bits!).

Most of all, I want you to feel happy & proud of yourself.

What You Won’t Get

Pregnancy coaching is not a substitution for medical advice.While it’s quite possible that you’ll want signposting (something I will happily do), what I can’t do is give you clinical support. Not even in my capacity as a chiropractor, because I haven’t seen you to examine you!

It’s also not a hypnobirthing course. Many hypnobirthing instructors also offer pregnancy coaching, but this is wildly different!

You won’t get any physical goods – all materials are digital, so we can take a small step toward saving the planet.


What Next?

So you’ve decided you wanna work with me? That’s awesome! Thank you so much. Before we can get started, I need to make sure that I’m able to meet your expectations.

I’d like to invite you to let me learn a little bit about you, especially your dreams and fears. It’ll help me understand what your “magic wand” scenario would be, and let me gather the things I think would work for you, before we begin. If I’m not the right person, you’ll get a full refund.

Thanks for being the best


Why I Started Pregnancy Coaching

You have life coaches, business coaches, sports coaches. Yet most women go into pregnancy without a clue.People say “Why would you need a coach? Women have been doing this for thousands of years” and they’re right. But things are different these days.

Women who listened to my Pure Natural Pregnancy podcast were contacting me because with the abundance of educational material, they were overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. With careers and hectic calendars already taking over the majority of the day, finding time to sift through the information was impossible.

That’s where pregnancy coaching comes in – it gives you the opportunity to zone in on the stuff that matters to you, and also some of my suggestions of a few things you might not have considered yet. You also get my accumulated years of experience as a pregnancy focused chiropractor & a mum. As I’m not a doula or hypnobirthing teacher, my viewpoint is unique.

If you decide to go into pregnancy coaching with me, we’ll look at pregnancy from a holistic point of view: nutrition, movement, alignment, emotional wellbeing, and spirituality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me birth advice? Nope. Sorry. This is purely aimed at getting you healthier in your pregnancy. It’s not intended in any way, shape or form to replace the advice of your doctor or midwife.

What if I miss a call? All calls are recorded so you can catch up at a time that suits you. You also have full email support, so you can email your question in advance if you know that you’ll miss out, and then watch on catch up.

What if I change my mind? If you change your mind before the course begins, you are entitled to a full refund. If you have already begun the programme, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days. All I ask is that you do the work, and then put in writing why you’re not satisfied, so that I can improve the programme for others.